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About Us

Board Members

Sherron Wong

Board Chairman

Sherron is the managing director at Vigil Investments, that manages private and proprietary capital for the purpose of capital growth. Sherron has a deep passion for impacting the lives of children and youth through his role in the board of FootballPlus.

Andy Lim

Board Member

Andy is a life coach, and has been mentoring leaders to find their strength and purpose in life since 2003. He uses sport and play to develop values, character and skills to work as teams and partnering across teams.

Gino Potesta

Board Member

Gino is the Franchise Relations Vice President for the US business of McDonald’s Corporation. Gino began his career in 1980 as a crew person in South Florida, and ascended through the ranks to Regional Vice President. Gino had previously held leadership positions in Asia, Home Office, Chicago, Ohio, Hawaii, New York, Boston, Northern and Southern California.

Loh Ngiap Tai

Managing Director

Ngiap Tai is a qualified ‘A’ license coach with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) with over 20 years of coaching experience. He is also a qualified Coach Educator in the Premier Skills Coaching Programme by the English Premier League as well as an Associate Lecturer with Republic Polytechnic in Singapore.