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Get Involved

How to Volunteer

If your passion is in making a positive impact in the lives of
young people through football then FootballPlus is the right place for you.

1. Mentor

If you have a desire to walk with a young person to help him/her achieve his/her potential and grow in in their character development then consider joining us as a “Mentor”

Commitment Required

For the mentoring process to be effective, mentors need to invest time with their mentees through the Mentoring Curriculum. Below is a brief description of the commitment required of every mentor:

  • Training – a 8 hrs training for mentors on the expectations as a mentor and how to effectively mentor a young person.
  • Commitment to 8 sessions of mentoring (approximately 16 weeks) – each session, conducted once every two weeks, for around 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Curriculum – Completing the mentoring curriculum and the submission of mentoring reports.

2. Coach

We are looking for coaches who are ready to make a difference in the players’ lives by creating a positive coaching experience during their training.

Selected coaches will also be given the opportunity to upgrade themselves through various coach training and developmental opportunities which include training course, oversea attachment programme.