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Our Asia Work


FootballPlus Indonesia began in 2007 with the vision to bring about a positive change in the local communities through football. Since then, thousands of coaches have benefitted from the FootballPlus coaches training. 21 batches of coaches training has been conducted since 2009, the network of associated coaches has been established throughout Indonesia, thousands of players are being impacted. Currently FootballPlus Indonesia is focusing on ACT; modeling the best practices on Academy, building stronger Community beyond the football and Train and empowering the next generation of coaches to make the most impact and the multiplication process to make the positive change in many community in Indonesia and beyond!



·      Futsal Team                                : Tuesday & Thursday, 4-6 PM

·      Futsal Leisure team                   : Saturday, 9-11 AM

·      Futsal Sister Academy              : Fortnight meeting and huddle for coaches


Community Program:

·      Housing for players

      B2M (Boys to Man Talks/ Intensive Mentoring for group and individual) 

      Player’s education

·      FP Players & Family Care



·      Regular Online-Onsite class of coaches training 

·      FACE (FootballPlus Associate Coaches Empowerment)

·      FNCC (FootballPlus National Coaches Conference)