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Our Programmes

Children (6-12 years old)

In FootballPlus we aim to provide the best quality footballing experience so as to help every player reach their full potential.

Age Group Focus

7 - 8 years

Falling in love with the game

The focus here is to give players early exposure to the game of football through fun games and activities and therefore helping them to enjoy the game at a young age.

9 - 10 years

Mastering the ball

As the players start to develop their football skills, training is focused on getting players to have lots of contact of the ball helping them to begin to develop quality touches with both feet.

11 - 12 Years

Purposeful play in a team with technical training

As players continue to grow in their development and understanding of the game, they are then put through this phase of development where they learn about specific roles and responsibilities of each of their teammates and also how to work together as a team.


Players in the academy regularly play in competitive leagues to give them a greater exposure to the game as well as an opportunity to put what they learnt into practice. The goal here is the development of players through a friendly yet competitive environment. Teams play 2 seasons of competition lasting around 3 months each.

Our Approach

A monthly skill and value emphasis ensures that players have sufficient training time to focus on the development of various skills throughout the year. The skill focus includes Dribbling, Passing, Defending, Attacking, Movement and Shooting. Each skill is linked to a value ensuring that values education is integrated within the training sessions and remains relevant and engaging for all our players.

Training Schedules & Locations

Under 6-12 years old

Tuesday & Thursday 430 – 6pm
FootballPlus Pitch

Saturday 9 – 10am

Saturday 3 – 430pm
FootballPlus Pitch

Who can apply

For players aged between 6 and 12 years old.

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