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"What children need is not only to learn a subject or a sport: instead, they need the relationship with a caring adult to them a life model by which they can define their personalities."

The role of a Mentor  have been recognised as one of the most important influences that one can have in a young person’s life.  Having access to a positive adult mentor who can help encourage and facilitate goal setting, celebrating successes, reflecting and reviewing decision making can have a significant impact in the young person . FootballPlus’ mentoring programme aims to provide our players with the opportunity to be mentored through its structured 8 week programme.

Adult Guidance

Mentors meet with their mentees once every 2 weeks, for between 30 to 60 mins per session for a total of 8 weeks.


Leadership principles by Dr. Tim Elmore's "Habitudes" is facilitated through the mentoring programme.

Goal Settings

Along with the leadership principles, mentee will be guided through a goal-setting process.