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Value-based Training

Since 2013, FootballPlus has developed and constantly improved its value-based curriculum to better serve the needs of the young people we work with. Each month’s training curriculum include a skill and value emphasis where the value teaching is integrated within the training session. For example, the skill of Dribbling is connected to the value of Intentness which is defined as “putting time and effort to reach your goal. If you fail, try harder and smarter.” 


In 2019, FootballPlus will incorporate the curriculum of Habitudes” a character based programme in its training programme. “Habitudes” , which uses of images and relatable stories will help us reinforce the value-skill emphasis we have for each month.

“Habitudes” is developed by world renowned author, Dr. Tim Elmore. Its vision, like FootballPlus, is to seeing students develop into leaders.

 We believe in the intentional education of positive values integrated in an engaging football experience.

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