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I have learnt a lot of skills from FootballPlus, it also help me to gain my confidence in playing Football. And I really enjoy myself whenever it comes to training and tournament. I hope when I go to secondary school I will still be able to join FootballPlus
FootballPlus is a very nurturing football club. My boy started his first experience with football at 10 and is a very late learner compared to other team mates of his age. The coaches are very patient and helpful in blending him in to the team. Although he started as a very weak player amongst his team mates, he was given a lot of opportunities to grow with the team. Not only did the coaches help him in improving his skills, they also provided him with a lot of guidance in his well being. It’s not just a football club. It’s a second home to my child
I like the training in FootballPlus because it is fun and I made many new friends here!

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