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I have learnt a lot of skills from FootballPlus, it also help me to gain my confidence in playing Football. And I really enjoy myself whenever it comes to training and tournament. I hope when I go to secondary school I will still be able to join FootballPlus
FootballPlus is a very nurturing football club. My boy started his first experience with football at 10 and is a very late learner compared to other team mates of his age. The coaches are very patient and helpful in blending him in to the team. Although he started as a very weak player amongst his team mates, he was given a lot of opportunities to grow with the team. Not only did the coaches help him in improving his skills, they also provided him with a lot of guidance in his well being. It’s not just a football club. It’s a second home to my child
I like the training in FootballPlus because it is fun and I made many new friends here!
My sons have been training with FootballPlus for four years and have participated in a number of junior league seasons with them. The academy and the coaches are intentional in developing not just football skills, but life skills such as teamwork, caring for one another, tolerance and diversity. The coaches model this caring every week and on Sundays at league. I am thankful for other adults invested in the lives of my sons and who can show them what caring and service means. If I had wanted my sons to just learn to play football very well, I would have chosen one with coaches who focus only on driving their skills standards higher. But we stay with FootballPlus because I want my sons to learn much more than just football.
Parent of Ryan & Evan, U14 & U10

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