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Most frequent questions and answers

Go to “Register Now” to fill out our online registration form. Forms are also available from our coaches during training.

All players in the academy will have to be attired in the FootballPlus jersey, shorts and long socks for training. The training kit will cost $20. Shin guards are compulsory and will have to be purchased separately.

The FootballPlus academy is catered to children and youth between 7 – 16 years old.

Yes, you can join any time. Fees are paid on a term basis. Each term is made up of 11 sessions. Payment will be prorated if your child joins in the middle of the term.

Trainings cost $25 per session. There is a 50% sibling discount for siblings who sign up together.

Each coach will not manage more than 15 students.

Lessons are currently 1 hour each

Monthly payment is available on a case by case basis.

Yes, we do send our players for tournaments. Selection for competition squad is based on training performance and attendance. There are no additional costs involved in participating in a competition. All competition and coaching fees are absorbed by FootballPlus.