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Our Programmes

Youths (13-16 years old)

In FootballPlus we aim to provide the best quality footballing experience so as to help every player reach their full potential.

Programme Highlights

Between the ages of 13-16 years old, players are cognitively more equipped for individual and collective tactical awareness. As they progress in their development, they are also developed in the following areas:

Principles of Attack

Principles of Defence

Position specific training


Players in the academy regularly play in competitive leagues to give them a greater exposure to the game as well as an opportunity to put what they learnt into practice. The goal here is the development of players through a friendly yet competitive environment. Teams play 2 seasons of competition lasting around 3 months each.

Our Approach

A monthly skill and value emphasis ensures that players have sufficient training time to focus on the development of various skills throughout the year. The skill focus includes Dribbling, Passing, Defending, Attacking, Movement and Shooting. Each skill is linked to a value ensuring that values education is integrated within the training sessions and remains relevant and engaging for all our players.

Training Schedules & Locations

Under 14 (u14)

Tuesday & Friday 5 – 630pm
Home United Youth Football Academy

Saturday 9 – 1030am

Saturday 4 – 530pm
St. Andrew’s Junior College

Under 16 (u16)

Tuesday & Friday 5 – 630pm
Home United Youth Football Academy

Who can apply

For players aged between 13 and 16 years old.

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